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Thread: Coffee comes out one side of the group handle

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    Coffee comes out one side of the group handle

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    Hi, I have a Silvia and occasionally when producing a shot the coffee only comes out of one side of the two sided spouts. *If flowing from one side, it always comes out of the right spout. *I checked the level of the bench and machine and it was slightly out however leveling the machine makes no difference. *If it does come out of both sides, then it will start on the right and then start dripping on the left side and eventually a better flow will commence. I am using a double basket and fill to the top and tamp with the recommended pressure.

    Any ideas as to why it does this ?


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    Re: Coffee comes out one side of the group handle

    What volume in mls are you getting in 25 to 30 seconds?

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    Re: Coffee comes out one side of the group handle

    correct me if im wrong, but i thought that this meant that some form of channeling is happening favouring one side completely vs the other? not 100% sure tho.

    my impression was also that this occurs because the tamp isnt level? for example, if the tamp was angled so that the side closest to the handle (of the group handle) was lower than the far side, the water would channel preferentially on that side of the puck, and with the way the spouts are aligned that means the coffee will come out of the right spout.

    i had the exact thing happening to me when i first started a few months ago and dissappeared when i focused more on a level tamp... (but i could have accidentally corrected somethign entirely different by accident :P)

    hope that helps!

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    Re: Coffee comes out one side of the group handle

    Possible I suppose sameer but the double spout is fed through a single hole from the basket above.

    To me it sounds like there could be some blockage in the problem spout itself. Soak the group itself in backflush fluid for a couple of hours and see if that makes a difference (I do this every time I backflush my machine)

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    Re: Coffee comes out one side of the group handle

    Internet "wisdom" suggests, older Silvias had machining issues in the group handle spouts that supposedly caused this.
    I have the same issue [but only on occasions say 1 in 30 shots] however it is always the same spout that runs LHS]
    Therefore I was not convinced of the "uneven machining"explanation & I and have tried various tests:

    1. Changing the level of the machine
    2. *Rotating the group handle 180 deg then tamping
    3. *Rotating the basket within the group handle by 180 deg after tamping

    None of the above made much difference, test 1. busts the "uneven machining" *myth [at least as far as my spouts are concerned] and tests 2. & 3. *confirm my tamping & dose techniques are ok.

    If you look at the groups water flow with the group handle removed, you can see the effect of the shower screen and dispersion you get about 4 or 5 "even" streams of water around the group.
    If you CAREFULLY look at the flow [when the shower screen and dispersion screw are removed] you will get a strong jet of hot water shooting out *at you [did I say be careful!]

    My personal theory is that when you updose [so grinds are very close to the shower screen] the dispersion effect becomes uneven and the water pressure tends to concentrate towards the group handle side of the basket. *
    As this area is near/over the RH spout it may just explain it.

    For the last few months, Ive played with pre-infusion and the technique is now a keeper in my routine.
    Basically, I open the stem wand and hit the brew switch simultaneously.
    After about a second, I begin to close it off [taking about a second to fully turn it off] .....then the brewing begins.

    Since adopting this technique, I have not once had the uneven flow.

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    Re: Coffee comes out one side of the group handle

    Reubster, I have tried your trick of opening the steamer valve and slowly turning off at it has worked consistently every time with even amounts from both spouts!

    I dont think there is an issue with uneven machining as I can put a wooden skewer through one side and out the other with no interference either way. *When filling the basket with water from the tap, it flows evenly from both spouts, even if the handle is tilted significantly.

    I go along with Reubster with the theory being the hot water outlet toward the front is putting more pressure on the pack and blowing through. *The pre-infusion technique must allow the grind to swell slightly preventing the water from blowing through the pack and shooting to the right side spout.

    Whatever it is, the slow turnoff of the steamer at start-up has solved the problem for me. :D


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