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Thread: IS Silvia right choice for me

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    IS Silvia right choice for me

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I had the 2008 Silvia sometime ago and could not get a consistent coffee - was driving me up the wall. I sold that and went to upgrade but cold feet on the next big jump.

    Question is do I look at the Silvia 2009 and then PID it costing more or get something pretty damn robust and consistent. I don want to go extreme prices taking into account the new Silvia 2009 cost. So was also looking at pre loved machines

    I have a Mini Mazz so grinder is good to go.

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    Re: IS Silvia right choice for me

    Gday Scollops,
    if I were you I would invest in some 1 on 1 training, preferrably using a Silvia, to see if you can get some consistency happening.
    I wouldnt be bothering to look at putting a PID on a machine until youve got your technique sorted out IMHO.
    Edit - spelt the OPs name wrong :-[

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    Re: IS Silvia right choice for me

    Hi Thanks Steve - I actually done a weekend Barista Course played with the Giotto hence the getting rid but couldnt make the 2k jump. Then went back the silvia - dont get me wrong coffee was ok - just very picky (well could be just a bad one) so I am open to another one just thought about other options perhaps.

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    Re: IS Silvia right choice for me

    Hi Scollops,

    Whilst I can agree that Silvia can be a bit variable compared to a much more expensive HX machine, we have to look at what we can, or are willing to pay, and in that light Silvia is pretty good bang for your buck.

    A good grinder will help, and you appear well off there.
    Some training is really helpful, which you also appear to have done.

    Finally fresh beans are also a necessity. Assuming that you are buying beans from reputable supplier and they are no more than 1 week from roasting when you buy them, then another significant variable is humidity changes, which you can get some sort of feel for if you think about it enough when you are using Silvia.

    For similar money to a Silvia with PID, you can now get a single boiler E61 machine which is more forgiving than Silvia, bit still has limitation of single boiler when you are entertaining.

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