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Thread: Possible problem with my Botticelli II

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    Possible problem with my Botticelli II

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    Good afternoon all

    I may have a problem with the Bott, but would like some opinions before sending it for a check up.

    I have noticed when I pull a shot (or even flush through the group head) that the pump is making a slightly louder noise than usual. It is not offensive or anything, but it is louder than it has been.

    I have only pulled 2 shots since the change in sound, and I have run a little water through it without the GH in to see if it might not have been primed properly or something, but I was not sure if I should try it for a longer period without doing damage.

    I know it is hard to diagnose without hearing it or knowing just how much it has changed in pitch or sound, but I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light as to why this might happen and whether or not I can chance running say a full tank through it to see if it goes back to normal, or whether I should just take it to someone for a check up?

    Thanks all.


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    Re: Possible problem with my Botticelli II

    Hi Shannon

    Could be as simple as the pump being up against another part of the machine rather than being isolated. If so, it would be an easy fix. :-/

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    Re: Possible problem with my Botticelli II

    Thanks for your help Den.

    I will pull the casing off and have a look see.

    I was glad that noone chimed in with - Oh yeah thats definately the pump, youve killed it!"

    Of course it could still be something. But Ill have a check for a a rattle first before sending it on to someone more professional than I.

    It could do with a group seal as well so I might give it a little overhaul over the chrissy break.

    Cheers all and merry christmas.

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    Re: Possible problem with my Botticelli II

    Pumps can be temperamental things, you only need one air bubble in the infeed line and it can make a big difference in the audible noise, having said that however I dont know how that would happen in your machine. Recently when I had my Silvia upside down, to replace group head seal, the pump made different noise when first run afterwoods, but settled down relatively quickly.
    As long as there is water going into the pump, it should be alright to run it for a while to see if it clears.....assuming that you didnt find anything rubbing internally as Dennis suggested.

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