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Thread: La Pavoni

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    La Pavoni

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    I was thinking of getting a La Pavoni but there are so many different models!

    Does anyone have any idea on their differences and where I can get them from? I am in Melbourne.



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    Re: La Pavoni

    Hi Rob,

    Almost endless threads on Pavonis here here and a few outcasts in CS as well. The Australian distributors Euro Espresso are very helpful also. mod edit- commercial site link removed to comply with site sales and posting policy

    Pavonis are not the easiest espresso machines to use but well worth the experience. Just be prepared to lose *a bit of sanity along the way.


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    Re: La Pavoni

    What are you looking at faddy?

    If you are interested in levers then I can give you a rundown, but if you are looking at Pavonis with electric pumps then my experience is very limited.

    Also, dont believe everything you read about the Pavoni levers on coffeegeek and home barista - there is a lot of good info on them there but there is just as much that is complete crap. Can be difficult at first to sort the beans from the chaff if you get what I mean.

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    Re: La Pavoni

    Thanks guys,

    DrDregs - the links are great. Cheers!

    PM sent to Pavoniboy

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