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Thread: Choice of three any assistance would be terrific

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    Choice of three any assistance would be terrific

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi Marty here complete Newbie and Rookie Barista

    I have been reading away for 2 days now and i am confused even more..I had a laugh
    Too much information !!! Perth Western Australia here
    Ok here we go

    I have narrowed it down to 3 Machines the first one i cant find too much about
    Delonghi Fully Automatic coffee machine ESAM03110S
    this is on special for $697.00 rrp was $999.00

    I know i will have to buy a grinder too.

    The second is the Fresca Espresso Machine™ BES860
    $599 best price so far rrp $799

    The third....but after reading so many problems with it in the forum was the Café Series® Espresso Machine *EM691
    I know i need a grinder for this.
    This is trailing behind at the moment.

    The Silva is just too expensive what with buying the grinder and the tray $1200 i was surprised because the dollar is so strong i thought some of these prices would have dropped *>:(

    Any help would be great or if i missed something Fire Your Shots *;)

    Many Thanks In Advance

    Ps Where the best beans in Perth ?


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    Re: Choice of three any assistance would be terrific

    Hi Marty you are listing *very diff machines in your list

    super autos can be hard to get "great" coffee out of. they can compromise quality for ease of use........ many here would not think of getting one but they do suit a purpose.

    the Fresca and 6910 are similar but remember both are still "appliances" they could (will) produce better coffee than the AUTO but need a bit more effort.... Its not hard to do just needs a bit of practice. There life span may be shorter than a Silvia or other "commercial based"

    if you go the 6910 yes you need a grinder, before xmas the 6910 came with a "free" grinder (sunbeam0480) and is a good package. You might be able to negotiate a grinder at a good pirce

    the Silvia is a better built machine and can last for many years (with the right care) and will produce very good coffee with the same effort as the 6910 & Fresca..

    the lelit might also be a very good choice have *a look at the link below

    Not sure where good fresh coffee is in Perth is but for a good cup check out Epic in west Perth *Loved it when I worked on Kings Park rd :).

    what type of coffee and how many do you expect to make daily / weekly / on weekends as it will help us give "ideas" on the right machine choices for you?
    How much effort do you want to put in?


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    Re: Choice of three any assistance would be terrific

    Hi Marty and welcome to Coffee Snobs.

    Be prepared for a lot of questions in order to find your answers.

    Im going to go out on a limb and guess your list has been put together after shopping at an appliance store. You know, those places where you buy toasters and curling irons.
    They are not the best places to buy coffee equipment. (more later)

    The Delonghi - No - coffee snobs dont like fully automatics - a search will reveal why not.
    ANd think about why you cant find too much about it and whether you are willing to take the risk of trying to get help with it should something go wrong.

    The Fresca is new IIRC so the jury is still out on those. Early indications is that theyre OK. However it has an inbuilt grinder and some possible problems with those are:
    a) warming the beans if you store them in the hopper
    b) if the grinder breaks the whole machine has to go in for repair (ie no coffee at all)

    The 6910 has been out for a while and most if not all problems with them are known.
    If you maintain them correctly they make a decent coffee and should last a few years (fingers crossed).

    Back to "appliance stores".
    The person that sells you an appliance knows bugger all about coffee machines.

    Coffee Snobs Site Sponsors:
    They live and breathe coffee.

    When you have enough information I recommend you email them all using
    and those that can help will reply.

    You need to tell them what kind of coffee you need to make; Espressos, cappuccinos etc.
    How many of each?
    How often?
    The most youll need to make in one session?

    And the BIG question - total budget (including grinder)?

    Answer those questions here first and see what recommendations you get and be prepared for more questions.

    It will all be worth it in the end.

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    Re: Choice of three any assistance would be terrific

    Many Thanks

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    Re: Choice of three any assistance would be terrific

    What did you decide? :D

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