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Thread: PID for Gaggia Classic

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    PID for Gaggia Classic

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    I would like to install a PID for my Gaggia Classic. I assume this can be done as Ive googled it and found a couple of sites. Couple of questions:

    1) Where can I order one?

    2) How hard is it to install? I have been able to pull my machine apart, change gaskets, etc but lack any sort of electronic experience.

    3) If question 3 turns out be difficult, who installs them? I live in Melbourne (western suburbs to be a bit more exact :) )

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    Re: PID for Gaggia Classic

    Quote Originally Posted by 2925362F372B440 link=1263510747/0#0 date=1263510747
    Where can I order one?
    See PID Kits in the sponsor list on the left of the screen.

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