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Thread: synesso basket springs for Silvia

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    synesso basket springs for Silvia

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    Ive had my Silvia for about a year and loving it. when I got it I also got a single and double set of synesso baskets but the standard Ranchilio spring is a little too loose for basket- the basket sometimes gets stuck iin the head of Silvia when I remove the group handle. Would a Synesso spring fix this?

    thanks everyone

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    Re: synesso basket springs for Silvia

    Hi mmm,

    I too have had my Silvia for almost a year. I ordered my Tamper with a matched Synesso basket thru Pullman and Greg suggested the matching Synesso spring. As soon as I received all my shiny toys the first thing I did was put the Silvia spring together with basket in a box with that awesome plastic tamper from Rancilio :D and fitted the Synesso. Made sense to me.....once I knew what I had to do ;) *Source out the spring from the sponsors unless a member has one spare collecting dust *:)

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    Re: synesso basket springs for Silvia

    Just take the existing spring out and bend it in a more angular shape to increase the tension on the basket.


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    Re: synesso basket springs for Silvia

    GregWs suggestion is certainly worth a try - the Synesso spring is of the same design as the Silvia one but is thicker so has more tension, which is required to hold a ridgeless basket. Otherwise the springs are only $4.95 plus post through our store (we normally only send things via trackable shipping methods but for something this cheap we may be able to pop it in an envelope for you as trackable postage will cost more than the spring!)

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