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Thread: Finally a decent latte! Loving the Fresca

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    Finally a decent latte! Loving the Fresca

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I had my fingers and toes crossed that I hadnít made a huge mistake with the purchase of the Fresca, but, thanks in part to a barista course on the weekend, I got a really decent shot on the second try. And the milk steaming/texturing was a breeze.

    Now I know this is just the beginning, and thereís a long way to go to see if this is repeatable, and whether there is any longevity at all, but day oneÖhappiness.

    I didnít have a grinder before, so the difference you get from freshly roasted, freshly ground beans is obvious, but getting a great extract was also cause for celebration.

    Iíll be certain to publicly whine, moan and complain if it goes on the fritz, so I thought it only fair to publicly compliment while the first flush of success is upon me.

    Thanks to all CSís as the many posts I have trawled through here provided inspiration, guidance and direction.

    Tomorrow morning is looking good!! ::)

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    Re: Finally a decent latte! Loving the Fresca

    Hey mate, happy to say i am 6 months in with mine and it has been smooth sailing.
    Your lucky you got a good coffee second try, it took me a whole kilo of beans to get it right!! I was starting to fret before i got myself some quality beans and learned not to bother with the single basket or the dual walls.

    Its actually a really good little machine that does what it says. Lets see how many years we get out of it ay, fingers crossed its not another sunbeam :)

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    Re: Finally a decent latte! Loving the Fresca

    Quote Originally Posted by 2C08020922610 link=1265200271/0#0 date=1265200271
    thereís a long way to go to see if this is repeatable
    If you can do it once you can do it again.

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