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Thread: Wedding gift advice

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    Wedding gift advice

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight

    After some thought, I decided to choose a coffee machine and grinder as a wedding gift from my father. I did some research on this site and requested:

    Rancilio Silvia Coffee Machine
    Rancilio Rocky Doserless Grinder

    Instead of getting this, my father bought me the following from Harvey Norman:

    De Longhi Magnifica Automatic Cappuccino

    What is your advice? Is the De Longhi a good machine, or should I try to exchange it?

    I am new to making coffee, so would really appreciate your advice?


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    Re: Wedding gift advice

    i would try to exchange, at best you might get sunbeam 6910 and a em480 grinder.........

    its doubtful it (the delonghi) will produce good coffee

    you have done the research so you understand the reasons why....

    good luck

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    Re: Wedding gift advice

    Hi Version,

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs!

    The De Longhi probably is good machine. It should be able to make ok to good coffee. It is a plastic thing and probably wont last to long without issue.
    On the plus side, dont think, hit a button and coffee is made.

    The Silvia/Rocky will be able to make good to awesome coffee. The Silvia is built like a tank and with proper care and use will last a life time. Also parts are readily available and the Silvia and Rocky will keep their value much better.
    On the down side you need to grind, dose, tamp, temp surf, stop the extraction all manually. Insert the term "learn". For a person that is passionate this is no issue and part of the joy.

    Anyone one on this site would advise to get the Silvia unless you only want to "press a button".

    The bad news is if you try to sell the De Longhi you probably wont make enough to get the Silvia/Rocky.

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    Re: Wedding gift advice

    Id try to exchange it...

    If you are looking at anything better than very average in your cup, you will not be happy. In addidtion, superautos are prone to failure and generally require expensive repairs.

    For mine, Hardly Normal might be good for a bed or TV, but the bloke who sold your dad the machine most probably knows little if anything about coffee and is likely to be more interested in his margin rather than the outcome from the machine.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Wedding gift advice

    I agree with most of the people. Try to get it exchanged for a manual machine. They generally produce better coffee than super autos. And will probably last longer as well.

    Good luck. ;)

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    Re: Wedding gift advice

    Here are some things to consider:

    1. Are you a zombie in the mornings? - if so, the Delonghi might be better for you as you only have to push buttons
    2. How long is your attention span? - if youre the sort of person who gets bored easily, the Delonghi is also probably more for you as Silvia takes a lot of time to master
    3. How much more are you willing to spend? - HN doesnt sell Silvias so if you really wanted a Silvia youd have to sell Delonghi and pay the extra yourself. Remember to factor in getting a decent tamper ($50-$100), milk jug ($10-20), tamping mat ($10-$15), updrage the basket ($10-$15) etc and youll see how fast being a coffeesnob adds up.

    That said, the Silvia has much better resale value and will in all likelihood, last three times as long as the Delonghi.

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    Re: Wedding gift advice

    Quote Originally Posted by 232F262B2B224E0 link=1265581213/1#1 date=1265581498
    try to exchange, at best you might get sunbeam 6910 and a em480 grinder.........
    Theres a few reviews of the Sunbeam vs Rancilio Silvia, *the Sunbeam performs very well against it. *As a newbie, this would be a great option, especially as youre locked in to Harvey Norman for exchange (unless theyll refund?) *Do a google search on the Silvia vs the Sunbeam and you should be pleasantly surprised. *Longevity wise it probably isnt a competition but from numerous reviews the Sunbeam seems to stack up well. * My friend has one and it works great.
    Good luck

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    Re: Wedding gift advice

    Definitely exchange the De Longi for a semi-auto, Silvia is great and will endure the test of time, takes a bit of getting used to but produces great coffee. The Sunbeam 6910 is a lot more user friendly and produces a great shot when all the variables are in place, being a thermoblock it heats up and is ready to use a lot faster than Silvia.
    Read Greg Pullmans comparison of the Silvia/Sunbeam machines.
    My son has the Sunbeam and Ive pulled some great espresso on it, theyre a bit noisy and sound like a jackhammer but do the job well.
    good luck with your choice of machine :) :)

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