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Thread: EM6910 Low Water Indicator Fix

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    EM6910 Low Water Indicator Fix

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    Searching the forum doesnt show anyone else having false low water indicator problems with their Sunbeam EM6910, but if anyone does I have a solution - actually a whole fridge door full of solutions, and a proper fix!

    Apparently in hard water areas calcium can build up in the plastic joins of the little black sliding float in the bottom of the water tank. It still floats, but the magnet inside is weakened/dislodged and the 6910s low water light then comes on even with a full tank. A temporary fix is to prise the strongest flat magnet off someone elses trinket (dont ruin any of yours!) thats stuck to your fridge door (and hide whats left of the trinket!).

    Stick this to the inside of the rear access door of the 6910 about level with the tank float and so the door closes with the fridge magnet positioned across the gap between the side of the tank and the main casing (across a recess that has a line of screws securing the casing).

    If the magnet is strong enough it*will trick the detector inside the casing and the low water light will got out. It probably will stay out even when approaching empty though, so keep an eye on the sight level and ensure the water is kept topped up.

    The best fix, however, is to call Sunbeam who happily sent me a new magnetic float FOC, so I can replace it myself. Just prise the very lightly glued black cap free of the tank to release the old float, pop in the new, and then jam the cap back on - or dry and re-glue it if its too loose. Since my 6910 is years out of warranty, and been trouble-free till now, this is a very nice result.

    Its been an excellent bang per buck machine *8-)

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    my black float doesnt float.
    hmmmm....anyone else had that problem? fixable?

    Surely it just has some air inside, that has escaped. Mine is barely if at all 2 years old.

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