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Thread: My Rancilio Lucy Re-Build

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    My Rancilio Lucy Re-Build

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I decided to start a new thread, and have everything organized from the get go, so here it is.

    As i stated previously, this machine i adopted from the wife to be auntie and uncle. They had apparently had the machine clean and serviced prior to them adopting something more automatic aprox 3 years ago. Lucy has been sitting tight ever since.

    As you will, i dont think this was clean or serviced, or prepped for storage either.

    This bolt (that held the group the boiler) was the best out of the lot, you will see the comparison later on.

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    Re: My Rancilio Lucy Re-Build

    And now some clean pictures;

    wooo! new bits and pieces (blind basket and 14g double basket)

    new group seal, shower screen in place

    new boiler o-ring in place

    comparison of old bolts to new SS ones :) these are never going to rust

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    Re: My Rancilio Lucy Re-Build

    08 Silvia steam arm, care of Hazey THANKS!

    Applied silicone sealant, not as easy as predicted, bit shaky in some spots! haha

    Mated up

    In its home



    This was on its first warm up.. well what was supposed to be a warm up, i only ever got cold water though!

    you may notice that im missing the backing plate to cover the solenoid, due to where the steam manifold mounts (further back than the silvias and newer Lucys, the plate will not mount back on.

    Also you will see i do not have the (spout?) on the grinder outlet.
    For the time being i will not be using the built in grinder.
    Run into a bit of money trouble as of late, and the broken (spout?) and need for replacement blades has been put on hold due to the fact i do have another grinder.

    Tomorrow i will upload photos of her running, Thanks a million to Coffee Parts, they shipped my boiler out today (same day ordered) and ill receive it tomorrow :)


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    Re: My Rancilio Lucy Re-Build


    So it was not as easy as i thought it was going to be, replacing the boiler.
    Being a Silvia boiler, and new, not 10 odd years old, its a bit different.
    Got to sort through some photos, but there was alot of pipe manipulation required.

    Im over the moon on how its turned out!

    Thanks again to Coffee Parts, next day delivery is awesome..

    Photos to come tomorrow.
    Do let me know what you think so far though people.

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    Re: My Rancilio Lucy Re-Build

    Hi there,
    I am just about to go through the boiler replacement on my Lucy, so am interested to see the pics of getting the new Sylvia boiler to fit. Did you end up getting the backing plate back on? Looking forward to the pics. Anthony.

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