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Thread: Dormant Rancilio Silvia

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    Dormant Rancilio Silvia

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    Hi everyone

    I moved to the US approximately 17 months ago and was unable to bring my Rancilio Silvia with me for voltage reasons. I am now moving back and wanted to check what I should be doing when I first fire the machine up.

    Before i left I made sure i had drained all the water from the boilers and properly descaled and flushed the system.

    What do you reccomend doing apart from reflushing the boiler and pipes and giving it another descale?

    Possibly a service?

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    Re: Dormant Rancilio Silvia

    new group head seal and maybe a new shower screen would be worth putting in.

    has it been stored well, i would consider making sure nothing has been living inside (like cockroaches) that could short something out.
    just the other day i pulled the top of a sari pressure stat on an old machine and it was full of little dead cockroaches....

    yours should be pretty good as it sounds like you took the time to prepare it for storage

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    Re: Dormant Rancilio Silvia

    What maheel said.

    I wouldnt worry about a further de-scale--there has been no use so no scale would form in the empty boiler.

    A machine tech here said that on re-filling an empty boiler he always disconnects the heating element until the boiler is full. As Im sure AM would say--be very careful doing anything 240 volt-ish, and if you are not certain about what you are doing--dont!!!


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