Have been away for easter and I arrived at the house and what do I find but a breville fresca sitting in the kitchen. My stovetop and aeropress didnt get unpacked as I excitedly turned on the shiny (relatively) new machine. First try, gusher, oh well one click on the grinder. Second try, gusher, two clicks this time, gusher. Right all the way round to finest!!! Gusher hmmm. Try packing as much coffee as I can into the grouphandle. Finally get the needle into the ideal range but the coffee is pretty poor. Dont know if I was doing anything wrong (coffee was fine about 2 weeks post roast) but I was pretty underwhelmed by this machine. The most anoying thing was it only had one thermoblock so no steaming and extracting at the same time. There seems to be some really good features on this machine but as a package I wouldnt be recommending it over the sunbeam.