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Thread: EM6910 lock position

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    EM6910 lock position

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    I bought an EM6910 12 days ago. For the first week the group handle was locking in the 6 oclock position but now it locks off at about 5 oclock. I phoned Sunbeam this morning and they said it is normal for new machines to lock off at different positions but the manual says that this will happen after the seal becomes worn.

    Have others found this with their new machines ?


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    Re: EM6910 lock position

    Hey codlocks,

    This is not uncommon with SB 6910. Its totally normal as long as its sealing properly during extraction. Has also been talked a lot on here use the search function (3rd tab from the top left of the screen) it will be your best friend. Make sure you change the default from "week" to "All" and away you go my friend. 8-)

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    Re: EM6910 lock position

    on the front face of the machine, just above the handle, there is an arrow, approx 5,:30
    good guide as to lock in position

    the silicone seal will soften with use and heat


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    Re: EM6910 lock position

    Thanks ANU - I did scroll page-by-page through quite a few posts initially. Sounds reasonably common so I wont worry.

    Graham - thanks, thats exactly where it points to.


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