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Thread: Silva has a problem- pump?

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    Silva has a problem- pump?

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    I made coffee this morning, no problem. Topped up water and tried to make coffee at lunchtime. Instead of the deep rumble from the pump and a good trick of coffee into the cup there was a much softer noise and only a few drips came through and a lot of steam as well. It seems to be much hotter than normal If I tried the water outlet, only steam comes out.

    The machnie is about 15 months old.

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    Re: Silva has a problem- pump?

    What comes out when you turn the brew switch on without the group handle attached.

    Could be that somethings blocking the water. Have you ever descaled the machine. If this is the case and water aint being sent to the boiler you might burn the element so be careful when testing.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    Re: Silva has a problem- pump?

    Dont run it again !!!! Your boiler is out of water and you will burn out the element *:(

    Next bit depends on how handy you are or not but sounds like your pump is dead or there is a blockage in it or in the pipes going to your boiler. If you are not to handy and have one of the sponsors nearby then take Silvia for a trip I reckon.

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