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Thread: Water problems on my Quaha Jnr

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    Water problems on my Quaha Jnr

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    Hi Everyone,
    To all the Quaha/Nemox/Lelit/Imat (and anyother variant of this machine) gurus here.

    Water has slowed way down on the group that I cant get a proper shot out. I think it is a blockage of some sort but I cant work it out.
    I have so far:
    1. pulled the showerscreen off to make sure it was clean and clear.
    2. Water & pressure through steam wand has had no change
    3. Flushed twice with descaler
    4. Found the plunger at the back of the cupboard to get me through this dry spell....

    My next step was to remove the water outlet from the bottom of the group head/bolier. It looks like a brass diffuser with a slot for a screw driver. I stopped there because I dont have a short but wide driver to suit becuase the base is in the way. Looks like removing the boiler from above would be the go. Then I could remove this.

    Any advice before I take this route? Am I on the right or wrong track.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Water problems on my Quaha Jnr

    to remove that big screw brass thing out of other machines i have used a old school can opener from my kitchen draw (flat piece of steel) and put it on on an angle with the "tip / corner" sort of in the middle of the gap / slot.

    this gave a lot of leverage over the whole slot and allowed to be loosened very easily, it could be full of gunk and worth a clean with backflush powder etc.

    rummage around your tool box / kitchen draw for something suitable
    go slow but and make sure it fits well before any real force is used.

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