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Thread: Major problems after Silvia service- HELP!

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    Major problems after Silvia service- HELP!

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    Hi all,

    I have been very happy with my Silvia for the last few years but recently was having trouble getting the portafilter in and thought it was probably time for a service. Was still getting great coffee, especially since I recently upgraded to a Compak grinder.

    So off I went, identified a CS sponsor in my area and dropped the machine off to be serviced and to have some of the seals replaced. On taking it home afterwards, the first coffee was divine and I wondered why I hadnt done this before.

    But thats when things went pear-shaped........

    While preparing another coffee (might have been steaming milk at the time I think??), a strong smell of plastic/rubber burning became apparent and since that time, all of the coffees have been permeated by the same flavour rendering them undrinkable to me. The flavour seems to be present in both the coffee and the steamed milk.

    I rang the site sponsor who performed the service and took the machine back to them to be checked. They called me later to say they had checked the machine and couldnt find anything wrong. I took it home again but the flavour persists and I cant really drink the coffee. I wondered if I was being overly fussy, but I have a mypressi twist that makes great coffee, so can contrast the flavour using the same beans, grinder etc and it is chalk and cheese.

    I am not sure where to go from here. I could call the place I had it serviced again for advice, but am not confident of great assistance in light of the experience so far.

    I would be very grateful for any other thoughts/suggestions?

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    Re: Major problems after Silvia service- HELP!

    you should give them another call, take the machine in and make some coffee with them.

    same beans
    your way of making coffee
    they taste what youre tasting
    if your getting plastic / rubber coffee something is wrong

    all of the sponsors i have talked to really try to do better than average great service.

    i understand you would be angry / dismayed...... and thats fair enough as well, your allowed to be

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    Re: Major problems after Silvia service- HELP!

    Pull some water into a clean jar and allow it to cool to room temperature. Bring that t them and allow them to smell and taste it. You do the same. If you taste the nasty, and they cant taste it then find another agent to service it.

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