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Thread: Zaffiro, Mignon, wow

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    Zaffiro, Mignon, wow

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    It arrived today, in a big brown box. My first step outside the Harvey Norman machines.

    First the grinder. Ive never had a decent grinder, nor have I ever used one. This Mignon looks amazing, and grinds so quietly. I never used to use my old grinder before 8:00 am or after 8:30pm, because it was LOUD! It was a bit of a fiddle to set the grind size right, as there was no manual (though I admit, once the grinder was out of the box, I didnt look around for the manual), and the grind adjustment button is a little bit vague. Clockwise for finer, or for coarser? Anyway, I think Ive worked it out, until I want to change it tomorrow to see what happens. None the less, colour me impressed.

    The Zaffiro is all I expected it to be. I was worried that the toggle switches may not be clear enough, but once youve used it and got hot water, steam, and water through the head, you get the hang of it fairly quick. Ive been fiddling with grind volume, tamp pressure, grind size, single / double baskets, and Im a little closer to getting it right. Give me a week or two and I should get it fairly close.

    The double spout reaches outside my espresso cup though, so I may have to get a new cup set. And steaming for one cappuccino is tricky, but Ill get it.

    So, after 6 doubles in as many hours, Im a happy man. And wired.. :D

    Thank you Espresso Italia. You have made my day. Great stuff!

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    Re: Zaffiro, Mignon, wow

    hey big louie,

    ive had the same combo from Espresso Italia for a week. this was a jump from stovetop and supermarket coffee so have been in coffee heaven all week.

    have just ordered my first bag of green beans on beanbay so will start roasting soon :D

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