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Thread: Sunbeams doing the free grinder promo again

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    Sunbeams doing the free grinder promo again

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    Gday all
    A coupla months ago a friend of mine was been chasing a Sunbeam 6910 machine - I advised them to pay very careful attention to the maintenance and care of the machine so that some of the common issues might be avoided - and also mentioned that they occasionally do a promo and include the EM0480 grinder free with it so theyve been waiting for that deal to come up again.
    Ive noticed that Sunbeam has on their website now that the promo is back running until 5th September, and you get to pickup the grinder at the point of purchase, rather than the old arrangement of having to send away for it.
    so if anyones after one of these - now would be the time...

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    Re: Sunbeams doing the free grinder promo again

    good machine, just have to risk how long it will last. :P

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