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Thread: Want to buy machine $500-$1000...!?!

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    Want to buy machine $500-$1000...!?!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi all

    I am new here, so hopefully I am posting correctly!

    I have a Nespresso Delonghi pod machine (George Clooney one) and its great but the pods are just adding up $$$.

    I am looking into buying a manual machine in the $500 - $1000 range. *I am not sure whether I go to an appliance store (i.e. Harvey Norman, Good Guys) and buy a Saeco etc. *Or do I go to a special coffee/roasting store?

    Im quite confident at using a manual machine, I used to have a cheap Breville one (eeek!) and have used the odd industrial machine.

    I would appreciate some recommendations in terms of what sort of machine, brand, places to buy, what to avoid etc. (in my price range etc).

    Look forward to reading some replies, and thanks! :-X

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    Re: Want to buy machine $500-$1000...!?!

    Welcome to CS daina.

    For a start please update your profile with your location as it helps with recommendations of places to visit.

    You will need a grinder if you want good coffee.
    Is that included in your $1000 budget?

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    Re: Want to buy machine $500-$1000...!?!

    In your pricerange, and considering you probably need a grinder too, have a look at the Saeco Via Venezia.

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    Re: Want to buy machine $500-$1000...!?!

    Dell Opera or Letit combi. Awesome starter kit.

    Or get the Dell or Letit standalone unit without the grinder and grab something like the Eureka Mignon grinder. That way when upgraditis strikes (and it will ;D ) you can retain the grinder on the journey. ;)

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