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Thread: Starting to use Silva / Rocky setup... Best way of doing things???

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    Starting to use Silva / Rocky setup... Best way of doing things???

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Ive just picked up my new Silvia / Rocky package...
    I have had much time to play with it yet, but I just have, I hope a quick, question...

    I know that there is more "playing" around with the Silvia to get things right...

    Is there a way of getting the various variables right?
    For example, getting the grind setting right, then the amount, then Tamp pressure? etc??

    For example, I presume a 14g basket would have 14g of coffee... So this would set the "amount", then a just need to adjust the grind or tamp pressure, instead of all three etc...

    Any suggestions? or just keep "playing"...


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    Re: Starting to use Silva / Rocky setup... Best way of doing things???

    there is no real easy way.....

    search CS for 5 cent test on the dosing of the basket so you leave the impression of the "screw" of the group head in your coffee puck but not that it rips a big hole in it.

    by taking notice of how much you have then "dosed" to get this right you can then work on the grind / tamp.

    if you keep your tamp / dose consistent while adjusting grind you can get to the right pour.

    you can then, grind finer / tamp lighter or grind coarser / tamp harder looking for the shot that tastes the best to you.

    be prepared to buy a few KGs of beans to get into the swing of things.

    you might also want to consider reading about temp surfing the Silva aiming for temp stability in your shots as well.
    there has not been many posts about this of late.......

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    Re: Starting to use Silva / Rocky setup... Best way of doing things???

    YouTube temp surfing.

    Fresh beans, then work on tamp and grind..... And practise practise practise. They r brilliant machines and not as hard as some make it out to be.

    Work with it learn its little idiosincreses and maintain it and it will last u years and produce brilliant shots.

    Rememeber practise!!

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    Re: Starting to use Silva / Rocky setup... Best way of doing things???

    I picked up a Silvia myself three months ago, here is what Ive learnt after 5 kgs of beans...

    I wouldnt bother with weighing your basket. Just grind until you have a mound on your basket, tap your portafilter once on a cloth placed on a bench to settle the grinds, distribute, level and tamp. Adjust your grind setting so that you get 30ml in 30 seconds from the moment the pump starts.

    Among the many distribution methods mentioned in the link above, I would suggest doing a Chicago chop to start off with, it is easy to replicate, and therefore takes one variable out first.

    In regard to tamping, I usually just tamp so that I just start to lean on it. I believe the argument is that tamping wont matter too much, and tamp pressure is a variable I never adjusted.

    After youve mastered your routine, you can start adjusting the balance between your dose (the amount of coffee) and grind setting, and learn cooler ways to distribute.

    For temperature surfing, see this video.

    Also, get an unridged Synesso basket (and a new stiffer spring), it makes a big difference to the shot quality. I bought my Synesso basket and spring from site sponsors Pullman espresso.

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    Re: Starting to use Silva / Rocky setup... Best way of doing things???

    Quote Originally Posted by 3426283031385F0 link=1283170047/3#3 date=1283175454
    I would suggest doing a Chicago chop
    Chicago chop! had a Silvia for almost a decade and have never heard the term before (I lead a sheltered life) so had to Google it, found one mention with this Youtube video must admit it looks kind of messy and wastes quite a bit of coffee. :)

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    Re: Starting to use Silva / Rocky setup... Best way of doing things???

    I was doing the Chicago chop instinctively with my credit card coffee levelling tool without knowing it existed or that it had been named.

    It works better with my Scottie Callaghan No1 tool because its thicker.

    As for the waste Jon, theres no need to heap as much coffee into the basket as shown in that video.

    I roughly measure my beans before grinding so the levelling I do is just to get most of the grinds into the basket.
    Id waste less than 1gm most times.

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    Re: Starting to use Silva / Rocky setup... Best way of doing things???

    Been at it 2-3 weeks myself with a lelit style which is similar and have put about 2kg through it. Chose to to a course through sponsor Veneziano which was very frustrating with my single boiler machine in a roomful of baristas using commercial gear. I dont regret the expense of the course and it showed me what things should look like. I still have the odd failed shot (too fine) but now rare.

    I was struggling with steaming milk but it finally came together for me yesterday and have done about 4 jugs now that I was really happy with. It is well worth watching a few videos on youtube.

    I make coffee first (with a stop watch), then steam milk. I empty a bit out of the boiler before steaming, make sure I have dry steam (lots of clouds :) ) then the hard bit was to realise the milk steaming all happens in the first few seconds.

    Now if I can just get home and double check that my shot is coming out in 25 seconds I will be making great coffee!. Cant wait!

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