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Thread: Saeco Via Venezia vs Sunbeam EM6910

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    Saeco Via Venezia vs Sunbeam EM6910

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hi guys,

    Im hoping you can help me with advice about the best machine of these 2. My search for the Gaggia Classic is too difficult and Im concerned about them seeming to be phased out more so now I am looking into options of the Saeco Via Venezia vs Sunbeam EM6910. I know the Silvia is popular, but its outside my price on its own and then I definitely cant afford a grinder which I believe is key to getting a nice coffee.

    I know the Sunbeam EM6910 is a more expensive machine than the Saeco Via Venezia which would make it seem the better choice, but I am concerned about the stories Ive read about it failing a lot. I have also been through about 4 Sunbeam water chillers in 7 years so I am a bit concerned about longevity and going through repeated repairs or it dying just outside of warranty. Does the Sunbeam really fail as much as it sounds???

    Harvey Norman are running the Sunbeam EM6910 + EM0480 grinder together for $729 at the moment which seems a great deal. I was looking at either that Sunbeam combo deal or getting the Saeco Via Venezia + Sunbeam EM0480 which would work out similarly in price, just a bit cheaper.

    I guess I am looking to mainly make cappuccinos and flat whites. Itd be mainly used on weekends and holidays. Priorities are good tasting coffee, not too hard to use or clean, reliable.

    Id like your advice about which one of these I should go for and why.

    Thanks heaps in advance!!!

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    Re: Saeco Via Venezia vs Sunbeam EM6910

    Looks like My Di Bella Coffee that someone suggested has a Gaggia Classic inclusive of a couple little extras, free shipping and free training for about $739.

    Now I am not sure which of these options to go for:

    1. Gaggia Classic now and buy the Sunbeam grinder in another couple weeks or month
    2. Sunbeam E6910 + Sunbeam grinder
    3. Saeco Via Venezia + Sunbeam grinder

    All 3 options are around the same price.

    What do you guys think is the better one to go for?? What do you think my priority order should be?

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    Re: Saeco Via Venezia vs Sunbeam EM6910

    Quote Originally Posted by 596468606E673A320B0 link=1283947449/1#1 date=1283948171
    What do you guys think is the better one to go for?? What do you think my priority order should be?
    Depends on what you want...

    Black / Milk based / number of coffees in a day or in a row / Maintenance / Service / Reliability / Functionality and ease of use..

    Once these are fully understood and your needs defined the options will be reduced.

    Who will be the main user and if your happy to temp surf and only make a couple of coffees in quick succession or you want something that offers slightly more functionality but may require a little extra care in maintenance.

    Further more, will it be expected to last 3 or 5 or more years...

    Remember at $600 if it last 3 years and you scrap it... It has only cost you $200 a year and that is only a few dollars a week. If ya making 3 or 4 coffees at home a day. Then, if that is saving $$$ from being spent on buying a coffee on the way to work and or on the weekend. Then do the maths and you will soon see the potential for savings in cash flow.

    Even if the unit failed at 2 years and $0 dollars recovered.. That is still only an outlay of about $6 a week...

    Note: Upgraditus and buying coffee accessories and roasters and other toys will soon see your savings spent in other areas.

    Enjoy the ride :-)

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    Re: Saeco Via Venezia vs Sunbeam EM6910

    have you considered the Lelit combi?

    Its about $850 for a machine and grinder all in one. they are of great quality and jetblack espresso will show you how to use it, plus give after sale support if needed.

    they look great, the quality is on par with the silvia, but without the price tag and they have resale value.

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