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Thread: Double Shot Pour Brugnetti Simona

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    Double Shot Pour Brugnetti Simona

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    Hi Guys,
    I filmed (very dodgy iPhone video) a shot being pulled from my Simona Top.
    The shots taste great, but the crema appears quite pale.
    Could this be caused by the blend Im using and its just a milder roasted blend (White Horse Beans) or could it be a temperature issue?
    Please critique the shot (not the filming) and let me know any potential tricks and tips that can improve the shots!



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    Re: Double Shot Pour Brugnetti Simona

    Firstly, If you like the taste in the cup then everything else is secondary, if you think it is good but could be better then..

    How old were the beans, both roast date and how long were they ground before loading the pf? (We generally like beans roasted between 1-3 weeks prior to brewing, some like 2 days, and ground immediately before brewing)

    The pour looks quite good generally, except it seems to start a bit too quickly and runs relatively quickly if the timing on "youtube" video is the same as the actual pour time.

    Crema colour could be affected by bean type and roast level, as well as freshness of the beans, brew temperature could affect it, and a slower pour may help as well, depending a bit on brew temp,
    as long as it tastes good in the cup...

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