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Thread: 3 New Coffee Machines needed :)

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    3 New Coffee Machines needed :)

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hey guys,

    Im wanting some pretty broad advice on some coffee machine purchases.

    Id like to purchase something in brisbane for after sales service, so Id like to know where to go in Brisvegas to check out a range of machines. Any ideas?

    Im wanting 2 machines priced between $600-$1200 (single group). I currently own a Gran Gaggia at home and want something much nicer that can make great coffees (without blowing the budget).

    Im also looking at a larger 2 or 3 group machine for a mobile coffee cart weve just built at work (so it cant be perminantly plumbed in one position). We do have a system worked out were we can set up to get water from a hose or drums.

    Who do you think would be good to go to for a bulk purchase of 3 machines and 2 grinders in Brisbane?

    Thanks a bunch.

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    Re: 3 New Coffee Machines needed :)

    See the sponsors...

    Di Bella / QCMS / Supreme Roasters etc

    Plenty of other well known suppliers as well, but not going to give them a plug...

    They will all do a range of grinders..

    However $600 to $1200 is so far into the bottom of the range I doubt that they would have many / much of a choice... *Unless you go the one of the white goods suppliers for the cheep units.

    All that being said.. *I am unaware of many up here, other than QCMS and maybe Supreme Roaster, that have service tecs on site or able to do call outs on demand.

    Most of the suppliers up this way all shop out their service to a couple of service agents AND I have to say, that this does not always mean top quality service. *TAT can be an issue with items under warranty and the issues of RTB.

    However; you could yet be pleasantly surprised.. BUT dont assume that if they have 20 machines on show, that they provide service directly..


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