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Thread: Quaha Napoletana Series II

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    Quaha Napoletana Series II

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    Hi all

    Long time reader, first time poster. And new owner of an old Quaha Napoletana Series II, which Im hoping to get some help on. Basically, I would like to give her a good all over clean and wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction of what I should and should do, unscrew, etc. Would anyone happen to have a manual for this model (or do I not really need one)? All and any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)


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    Re: Quaha Napoletana Series II

    Welcome to Coffee Snobs, on the left one of our sponsors site Pullman Espresso has quite a nice read on maintenance & up keep of the Qaha/Nemox/Lelit series. Theyre a great machine, my advice would be NOT to overload the basket, they can be prone to breaking the group handle shroud if you do :(

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    Re: Quaha Napoletana Series II

    Thanks for that. Ill check them out. Im very VERY new to the whole experience but I specifically wanted a machine that I could service pretty much myself and, after lost of reading, people really recommended that Quaha/Imat/Lelit range. So Im just keen now to find out HOW I service and look after it myself.


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    Re: Quaha Napoletana Series II

    There is basic user maintenance and after that Service....

    As per many - Service level is and can be some what restricted to the supplier. If parts are not available via coffeeparts do not assume you can get... 90% chance not available and 99.999% chance that any service doc will be unavailable.

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