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Thread: Descaling woes

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    Descaling woes

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    Gday guys, long time reader first time post. Great to see so much enthusiasm for coffee, machines and general information this site contains. I love how the internet has created these forums where people from all over the world, with common interestes, can take part in such places. Unheard of not 20 years ago.

    Anyway regardless, as much as i have read and tried to search i am unable to find any information on my problem.

    I own a 2010 rancilio silvia. Have owned it for about 5 months and nothing makes me happier then the great coffee it helps me produce :P

    Recently i decided to give it a "proper" clean. I back flushed it, and descaled it. Ever since then, i can get the milk quite right? I was able to get very good consistant milk before hand but not its not turning out like it used to. I am using the same technique as before???

    I am stumped. The steam doesnt seem any less powerful, neither anymore powerful. The squeaking sound that used to appear when i turned the steaming knob has disappeared aswell, to my delight i might add. Admitedly i am using unfiltered Sydney water.

    Anyone have any clue? Help is always greatly appriciated.

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    Re: Descaling woes

    Are you using the same brand/type of milk?

    I presume Yes, but worth asking. *;)

    From my understanding, the milk can change depending on a variety of factors based on cows & things, and the enzymes (I think that is whats involved - maybe someone with more knowledge can enlighten), which help the milk thickening process are affected accordingly.

    Anyhow just a thought, seeing as all the rest sounds the same.


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    Re: Descaling woes

    Thought it might be due to the descaling, possibly something stuck in the steam wand, and or associated parts. Gave it a good flush, changed the brand of the milk, has improved substantialy but still not quiet there. Maybe my technique needs to change because of the better steaming power?

    Ill keep on keeping on.

    Cheers mate.

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