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Thread: Silvia Steam Wand - leaking after replacement

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    Silvia Steam Wand - leaking after replacement

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    Hi guys, my first post here, but Ive been reading the site for ages - *great site.
    I have a V1 Silvia that I bought 2nd hand from a small rural café about 5 yrs ago - no major problems other than having to reset the brew thermostat a few times (unsure why this actually works).
    The major problem now is that the steam wand cracked at the end and I replaced it with the same part from coffee parts (V1 fixed wand - not the V3 ball-and-socket arm). The whole procedure went fine, but now it leaks from the connection whenever I open the valve *:(. The main question is whether I shouldve used a sealant of some sort on the O-rings, if so, what kind and what is the correct procedure?

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    Re: Silvia Steam Wand - leaking after replacement

    Hi there HHB
    When I recently replaced the seal in mine, I used the Inox grease in a 30g tube from Jaycar (only $7.95). I repositioned the two o-rings either side of the bump at the top of the steam arm, applied the grease and reassembled.
    Wished that I had used more on the thread of the tap when replacing the seal though, as that is now a bit tight. Simple enough job to strip down and redo.

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