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Thread: Looking to replace my dead Delonghi. Advice needed for best extraction.

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    Looking to replace my dead Delonghi. Advice needed for best extraction.

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    Hello I am new to your forum. I have been searching the forum topics for a few days but this is my first post.

    I had a Delonghi machine that died about a year ago. I have forgotten the model name, but it was the retro looking machine that has recently been re-released and I have seen them in DJs, it sold for about $500.

    Since my machine died i have been surviving with a few different stove top makers. And now it is time for me to finally buy another machine.

    I have given myself a budget of around $800, but no more than $1,000 (this is just for a machine, as I have a grinder that I am happy with).

    I have read that a number of you like the Rancilio Silvia, however, I have no real need for a steam wand (in the years that I had the Delonghi I used the steam wand twice). I am wondering if there is a machine available that does not have a steam wand (using the logic that my $800 to $1,000 could be more efficiently used to get a brilliant extraction rather than half of it being wasted on a steam wand that I will not use).

    Does such a machine exist for around this price point? Or am I just kidding myself (dont worry about offending me, I can take it)? The only machines that I have come across have been old vintage lever machines from the 60s and as cool as these look, I really would like a new reliable product.

    Any help and sugestions would be very welcome. I live in Brisbanes inner north if you have any recommendations of retailers that I should visit.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Re: Looking to replace my dead Delonghi. Advice needed for best extraction.

    Id suggest you look at the gaggia classic. Im in the process of repairing an old one right now and they are easy to work on with parts available - even if you never plan to repair your own machine it is good to know that it can be repaired in the future.

    The gaggia has a small boiler, which limits steaming ability compared to the rancilio, but has the benefit of heating up quickly. If you only want to make one or two cups at a time and dont need to steam, the gaggia may be a better choice (and $250 cheaper). You could then consider a PID kit to really give it peak performance.
    If you need to the larger boiler for heavier usage, the Rancilio is probably the one to go for.

    Another one to look at is the Gee machine that seems to be getting favourable comments, but is too new for long term reliability to be proven.

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    Re: Looking to replace my dead Delonghi. Advice needed for best extraction.

    First things first is do you have a grinder and which one? You will never get a decent extraction with a dodgy grinder and or rubbish beans no matter how good the machine is.

    If you want to play with shots and variables to make them then consider the Pavoni in the mix too. Very hands on and makes an excellent shot when you get it right. No pump noise, very reliable and simple to maintain for the next 20 or 30 years ;)

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