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Thread: Rancilio Silvia version history

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    Rancilio Silvia version history

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    Ive googled and searched everywhere but am yet to find a decent description of the version history of this machine as a reference.

    What Im interested in knowing is what are the different versions (I believe it is currently v3)? What year were they introduced? What are the notable features or changes with the respective versions? Which is considered the better of the versions?

    I think my next machine will probably be a 2nd hand Silvia (likely from a fellow CSer) so Im trying to learn a bit more about this girl.


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    Re: Rancilio Silvia version history

    There are some hints if you search for "version of the Silvia prior to 2007" (non-sponsor site).

    I think there were several "under the covers" changes in the original version - eg. the brew thermocouple changed from 110*C to 100*C sometime around 2002 and the site above mention a boiler change in 2001.

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    Re: Rancilio Silvia version history

    The V3 model has a steam wand with 360 degree motion, and the steam valve knob handle thing has a stainless steel insert.

    The previous models didnt have the 360 degree steam wand and had the plain black plastic steam valve tap knob thing. That is how i tell the V3 apart in a photo.

    Not a major difference but its something. V3 model started in 2010 I think. I dont think Silvias design has changed much since the early models.

    Simple and well built makes decent esspreso or even better. Steams milk like a beast, compared to the breville and sunbeams Ive had experience with anyway.

    I have a V3 Silvia for 6 months and am really happy.

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