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Thread: picked up a lelit combi - guide to brewing coffee?

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    picked up a lelit combi - guide to brewing coffee?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Hey folks,

    I just picked up a Lelit Combi last weekend and been enjoying some decent cappcucinos at home.

    Ive worked at a cafe before, so it wasnt too hard getting up to speed with frothing milk etc. However, I never really needed to deal with timing coffee brews or grinding, since the cafe machines were maintained and setup by the technician - all I needed to do was just hit a button and work on the milk.

    Therefore, are there any guides on how I should go about adjusting my grinds + brew times?

    I think I read somewhere it was pulling a 60 ml shot in 25 seconds. I usually make 2 caps in the morning, so how does that equation change if I Im brewing 2 cups at the same time?


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    Re: picked up a lelit combi - guide to brewing coffee?

    single is 30mls in 30 seconds, double is 60mls in 30 seconds (plus or minus a few seconds and a few mls)

    so you can pour your double into two cups and have two seperate drinks with a single shot each.

    Adjust your grind, ideally keeping the tamp the same until you get close enough to the figures at the beginning of the post.

    Too much volume in too short a time then the grind is too coarse.

    Not enough volume in 30 seconds and the grind is too fine.

    If your numbers dont match the ones here and the drinks taste good then you must be doing it right ;)

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    Re: picked up a lelit combi - guide to brewing coffee?

    Hi nk2010 and welcome. Congrats on your Lelit purchase. I had one a few years back and it served me very well.

    You can try CSer Randys web site:

    or the Coffee Research site:

    Both good research tools for the budding home barista ;)

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    Re: picked up a lelit combi - guide to brewing coffee?

    I just recently bought a Lelit combi too and at first I got myself into a mess worrying too much about timing the shot and fiddling with the grind and tamp to get the timing right, without concentrating on the end result-the coffee. When I stopped fussing so much I was able to appreciate the fact that the coffee was actually good even if the pour time was more like 20 seconds. Over time I have managed to get it out to 25 seconds . One thing I was taught was to only adjust one thing at a time if you are not getting the result you desire-ie dont change the grind and tamp at the same time. Work on one and see how it goes before adjusting the other. Also the freshness of the beans will play a part.

    I make two lattes in the morning and do one shot after the other and then switch over to do the milk for both. It doesnt take long and the equation is the same ie each 60 ml shot about 25 seconds.

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    Re: picked up a lelit combi - guide to brewing coffee?

    Get yourself one of the graduated glass shot glesses. I stick to the double filter basket all the time and split it into two cups. I have found the coffee still tastes excelent even if it goes out to 40 seconds.

    If you run out of fine adjustment, you will need to relocate the stops on top of the grinder.

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    Re: picked up a lelit combi - guide to brewing coffee?

    Ive had my Lelit now for a few months, and the simplest advice I can give when brewing that I found hard to believe at first is to ensure the machine warms up for at least 10 minutes before pulling a shot.

    I was having all kinds of soggy puck issues, and issues with too much/too little extraction, and it seems now that it all came down to only letting the machine warm up until the light came on. Now I leave it 10-15 mins, and get perfectly extracted coffee. I pull around 60mL in 20 seconds (I do time the shot with a 30 second countdown, but only as a guide).

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    Re: picked up a lelit combi - guide to brewing coffee?

    Is the coffee any better after a 30 minute or 1 hour warm up?

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    Re: picked up a lelit combi - guide to brewing coffee?

    The volume/time figures are guidelines only. If you are somewhere near these, then you can start to adjust things, one at a time, to what tastes good to you.

    The reference links posted above are as good as any.

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    Re: picked up a lelit combi - guide to brewing coffee?

    I still reckon this series of How-To videos are excellent. Can be adapted for use with most machine/grinder combos.... 8-)


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