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Thread: Rancilio Silvia - steam switch ON whilst brewing?

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    Rancilio Silvia - steam switch ON whilst brewing?

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    On my recommendation, my son has just bought a second-hand Silvia V3/Rocky combo.

    He has spent hours on the net learning how to use the Silvia, in particular temp surfing. He reckons that there are numerous references to turning the steam switch on whilst pulling your shots. The idea being (I think) that this will reduce the amount of time required to get up to steam temp after finishing the pull.

    Now, on the face of it, that seems like a good idea, but will it increase the water temp too quickly, affecting the quality of the shot?

    My understanding is that the water temp drops significantly during a shot, so this technique may reduce the size of the drop, which seems like a good thing.

    Comments please!!!

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    Re: Rancilio Silvia - steam switch ON whilst brewing?

    Sorry but I cant come to this.

    In my opinion the answer is NO, dont do it.

    KISS. The Silvia is not that hard to master.

    Excellent coffee will come with time, experience and use ( and even with some training), and with the steam switch OFF while brewing coffee.

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    Re: Rancilio Silvia - steam switch ON whilst brewing?

    Attilio - what is your opinion on PIDing?

    Toad - Personally if its something that hes just got - Id recommend shooting for consitency with the grind, dose and tamp before focusing on the temperature. Given the increased chances of exposing the heating element and blowing it and then the expense required in needing to repair it - id not be doing that. Then again I am completely paranoid about blowing my element that I prime the boiler on switch on, once its hot and before first shot is pulled and again after every steam.

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    Re: Rancilio Silvia - steam switch ON whilst brewing?

    I agree with Attilio (be stoopid not to really ;D)

    I never did that when I had one, IMHO it was more important to get a consistent routine, than to save a couple of seconds between pouring the shot and steaming the milk.

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    Re: Rancilio Silvia - steam switch ON whilst brewing?

    Quote Originally Posted by 65696464616D656B6F080 link=1294362660/2#2 date=1294374162
    Attilio - what is your opinion on PIDing?
    Well, while Im not Attilio, but I do have a PIDd Silvia. *Has been PID enabled for a few years...

    Terrific. *I cant compare a non-PID machine to a PIDd machine. *The temperature stability is marginally better (the stability during a shot is more a property of the boiler size and group head config than the actual heating mechanism...). *The huge win is you have repeatability - you have a temperature dial - so you can be 100% repeatable.

    I love my Silvia with a PID. *Ive only had 2 small problems since converting and those have both been the solid state relay turning up its toes... *Im not sure why - since it doesnt get hot - and they were both 40A relays! *Still, $20 on a new SSR every now an again is small beer *:)


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    Re: Rancilio Silvia - steam switch ON whilst brewing?

    I remember reading somewhere when I had my Lucy that you could put the steam on during the last few seconds of the shot, not the whole duration of your shot.

    Personally I would just brew your espresso, then flick your steam switch, empty your puck, grab the milk out the fridge and by the time youve done that youll be ready to do the milk anyway.

    I gronked my Lucy, it was easier to steam milk for sure. You could try that before shelling out for a PID.

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