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Thread: Sunbeam EM6950 issues

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    Sunbeam EM6950 issues

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    Hi All,

    Just to wanting to check the following issues with the my Sunbeam, Cafe Series Espresso machine (EM6950?) -
    • excessive water runs out the top of the basket, during extraction. Ive played around with various grind settings, without much success.
    • Occasionally water leaks out the back of the machine,
    • Currently, having to grind the beans, finer than usual, so the machine doesnt under-extract.

    Any thoughts will be appreciated.

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    Re: Sunbeam EM6950 issues

    Hi SloppyJoe, welcome!
    Firstly do you mean EM6910?
    Water runs from the top of your basket, maybe your group seal (blue ring that is around the shower screen) is not in correctly? or maybe your group handle is not locking in far enough/tight enough?

    Water comming from the back of the machine :o weird. I guess you have checked the water tank is in correctly? I think that is the only place water could be comming from at the back of the machine.

    How old is your machine??

    AM (Angermanagement) and Thundergod are the EM6910 experts, I have learnt volumes from reading their posts on this machine. :)

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