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Thread: Saeco Talea - cant reinsert brew group

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    Saeco Talea - cant reinsert brew group

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    Hi all

    My question relates to a new Saeco Talea Giro Plus.

    And before someone says "serves you right for getting an automatic machine", this was a compromise so that all the family could use it. We live in Vanuatu, so theres not a huge amount of choice for service centres, theres only 1 guy who does Boema manual machines.

    The machine has had just 2 weeks use. It flashed a warning signal which meant that I had to wash the filters in the brew group. I found this odd as it was just after giving it a thorough clean. I washed the brew group and then couldnt reinsert it.

    Cutting the story short, I found the solution on the internet for tricking the microswitches, it worked, and I could use the unit for another day. However the error message returned, I removed the brew unit and washed it again, and now I cannot return it.

    The "trick" (a piece of cardboard to trick the drive gear into resetting) no longer works. The drive gear turns but never resets to the right position.

    Returning to a Saeco service centre or retailer (Good Guys) is not an easy option. Though Ill return to Oz next month its a little heavy for my suitcase. [I shipped it here with house contents.]

    Given its brand new, I am hoping that its not a major mechanical problem like broken drive gear. I was just wondering if anyone here knew any other tricks I could try?

    I am assuming that asking the local Boema rep to look at it will void the Saeco warranty? As would me opening it up of course.

    thanks for any thoughts...


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    Re: Saeco Talea - cant reinsert brew group

    The Talea Giro at work occasionally has a similar problem. Ive always been able to get it to reset with a big screwdriver though. Ours is a bit of an older machine though.

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