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Thread: Gaggia Classic power switch

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    Gaggia Classic power switch

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    Hi Guys,

    Ive only had my Classic for about 2 weeks, and it appears the light on the power switch is busted. the light on the brew switch is still working. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Is there a loose wire or would I need to replace the switch? Thanks!


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    Re: Gaggia Classic power switch

    You would almost certainly need to replace the switch, as they are not designed to be disassembled.
    As long as you still have the brew switch light, you should be able to continue using it - you can tell if it is on or off by the switch position.

    If you do want a new switch, try here

    Bear in mind that it is 240V and any work should only be carried out by a registered sparky.

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