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Thread: moving Silvia

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    moving Silvia

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    I am planning an international move and my Silvia will likely be in containers and storage for around 3 months. Aside from the obvious, emptying the water tank and packing the loose parts securely, is there anything else I need to do, like emptying the boiler?

    If I do need to empty the boiler, how do I do that? I suppose turning the machine on and running the hot water pump until it stops would do it, but that risks burning out the boiler element if Im not quick enough to turn it off once it empties (even if I start from cold).

    Of course I could sell it and buy another on arrival but I am going somewhere where a new one is likely to cost at least 50% more than a it does one here.

    All hints and tips welcome.

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    Re: moving Silvia

    Unless the Silvia will be subject to freezing temperatures, I wouldnt bother emptying the boiler.

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