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Thread: Rancillio Silvia question - hot water ?

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    Rancillio Silvia question - hot water ?

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    Hi there, I am considering buying a Silvia however my wife is insisting I buy a machine with a dedicated hot water spout such as the breville we have now for those long blacks. Does the Silvia have a hot water function via the steam wand? Is there any alternative argument I can use to persuade her in in terms of having this machine deliver sufficient hot water? The topic does not seem to be discussed much in forums etc. and yes I do realize she can just boil the kettle...... :)


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    Re: Rancillio Silvia question - hot water ?

    Quote Originally Posted by 7F787C737478427674791D0 link=1298895028/0#0 date=1298895028
    Does the Silvia have a hot water function via the steam wand?

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    Re: Rancillio Silvia question - hot water ?

    Button in the middle of the group of three turns on the pump and directs hot water to the steam wand. First spurt of hot water on turning on the steam tap is at high pressure and can splatter. After that there is a good controllable flow. Used if for many years for long blacks.

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    Re: Rancillio Silvia question - hot water ?

    Hi beanie kid and welcome to Coffee Snobs.
    I have used my Silvia for a few years now and make a good proportion of long blacks. The way I was taught to make long blacks was to partially fill the cup with hot water and then pull the double shot into the cup so that you end up with all the lovely crema on top. If you do this using the hot water function on Silvia, the water temperature in the boiler is taken too low for pulling a great shot. I always boil the kettle for hot water for long blacks and to heat the cups for caps or flat whites.
    The hot water function is great on commercial machines and high end prosumer machines but not so great on single boiler machines with small boilers.

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