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Thread: Cafetto Smell!

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    Cafetto Smell!

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    Just a quicky.
    When I clean my Silvia with Cafetto Cleaner, I can smell the cleaner still on my equipment even after thoroughly washing everything in both soapy water and the hot running water. Ive noticed that it normally takes a weeks before this smell is gone.
    Is this normal?
    Is there anyway to get rid of the smell?

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    Re: Cafetto Smell!

    How are you using this product?

    Its a back flushing detergent/chemical specfically for a 3 way valve and shouldnt be run through your water tank or used to clean the exterior of your machine.

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    Re: Cafetto Smell!

    Just to clean the portafiller, baskets, brass thingy etc.
    Not through the tank.
    I did wash everything one more time and the smell is gone so maybe I just need to scrub harder!

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