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Thread: first time coffee machine buyer!

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    first time coffee machine buyer!

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    So the more i read...... the more confused i get!

    Ive never owned a coffee machine but drink coffee religiously every day. Primarily ill drink a latte or espresso, so im looking for something I can make both with.

    This machine is for work, so an important consideration is that its very easy to maintain/keep clean and can make the coffee by itself.

    With those things in mind, what would be a good machine, price isnt a major factor but id prefer to spend under $1,000.

    Help appreciated.. Ive read so many reviews im starting to see coffee machines in my sleep :)

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    Re: first time coffee machine buyer!

    Does the $1000 you want to spend factor in a grinder?

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    Re: first time coffee machine buyer!

    Quote Originally Posted by 46504554430501310 link=1299982458/0#0 date=1299982458
    This machine is for work, so an important consideration is that its very easy to maintain/keep clean and can make the coffee by itself.
    Wants a Super-Auto by the sound of it.
    Not going to get anything reasonable under 1K IMO.
    Even the quality of the output from the really expensive super-autos is debatable.
    Plus - super autos do tend to have more maintenance issues.

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    Re: first time coffee machine buyer!

    Welcome to CS water 40* :)

    And with respect, if you take more opinions from the net you will just get even more confused with private respondents individual opinions.

    Suggest you run down the list of sponsors to your left and find one close by, and ask a professional what they might recommend for your individual situation.

    $1000.00 will get you nothing suitable for an office and wont even get you an excellent domestic machine and grinder and required after sales service and backup to learn how to use etc.


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    Re: first time coffee machine buyer!


    Ill chime in my usual second crack worth:

    how many people are going to use it and what sort of coffee are they used to drinking?* IMHO most office drinkers are used to a teaspoon or two of instant in a mug, with a drop of milk.* Convert this to an espresso machine and it equates to waaaay over-extracted pale coffee.

    About a year or more ago we purchased a $4k Jura for our office of ~30.* Its run well producing 20 to 40 cups a day, but there is a lot of wear on the chrome plated plastic parts, and the fiddly milk tubes and seals arent so good at sealing any more.* It also requires discipline to make sure people clean it properly.* It is (mostly) a walk-up-and-push-button machine, however I reckon the more automated they are the more cleaning and maintenance there is.

    Theres so much to consider with a first machine and I havent even scratched the surface.* Theres plungers and mokas (dont rule them out until youve tried one with freshly roasted freshly ground coffee), grinders, roasts, and more.* Which is why its excellent value talking to a sponsor who has experience in all these things and can show you the actual goods as youre talking.

    HTH :)

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