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Thread: Rebuild of steam wand Silvia 2008

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    Rebuild of steam wand Silvia 2008

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Just thought I would share my experience in replacing washer and “O” rings in a 2008 Silvia steam valve. Why was this necessary?* My steam wand was dripping water on warm up and water was squirting out of the wand during shot. Not a huge amount but enough for me to know the steam valve needed attention.
    I have included some pics and a description of the process I followed. All components were purchased from Coffee Parts but are available from other sponsors. This was a procedure I followed (normal disclaimer inserted here)

    1. Turn off Silvia at power point and remove cord from point.
    2. Use a shifting spanner to remove nut holding steam wand. Now pull down on the wand. The wand should, relatively easily, pull away from inside Silvia. There maybe “O” rings attached to wand, for me the “O” rings remained inside the steam valve.
    3. Undo 4 Phillips head screws on top of Silvia, Remove water reservoir, and lift off lid to reveal the real Silvia.
    [img]C://coffee//steam pics//steam1 copy.jpg[/img]
    [img]C://coffee//steam pics//steam2 copy.jpg[/img]

    4. Remove the black steam knob “D” It should just pull straight out. It is held in place by a small circlip
    5. Undo connection to boiler “A” and then remove nut “B”. I used a shifter or 18mm and 17mm spanner. You should now be able to lift out the steam valve “C” (don’t lose the metal tractor tyre washer).
    6. I now replaced the 2 “O” rings (where the steam wand attaches) I simply removed the old ones and pushed the new ones in.
    [img]C://coffee//steam pics//steam3 copy.jpg[/img]

    7. To disamantle steam valve I had to hold the brass section very tight in a vice and use a shifter to remove the stainless steel nut.
    8. To fully reveal the washer and “O” rings to be replaced inside the valve, you now must now turn the spindle (I used a shifter) from R to L in the pic.(inwards) This will allow the spindle to separate from the brass housing.
    [img]C://coffee//steam pics//steam4 copy.jpg[/img]

    9. This image now shows all of the components. I removed* the “O” rings using a small metal skewer) Beware danger to fingers. Replace with 2 new”O” rings.
    10. Remove the small hex bolt holding the hard washer in place. (I used a shifter. ) Now pop out the hard, thick washer and replace with a new one. Replace the small hex bolt to hold the new washer in place.
    11. I now added a small amount of food grade grease (JayCar or a sponsor, I payed $8) to the spindle around “O” rings.
    12. Now simply put all components back together in the reverse order. I made sure the spindle was screwed all the way back into the brass housing and continue to twist spindle to fully open steam valve.
    13. Now reassemble the stainless nut, with this nut in position and tight, close the steam valve, now work in reverse to complete reassembly.
    I also added a small amount of grease to the top of the steam wand before pushing it back into place.
    [img]C://coffee//steam pics//steam6.jpg[/img]

    This image shows the wear on the old valve and the reason why it was leaking. Silvia is approx 2.5 years old.
    End result – No drips from steamwand on warm up. No drips at any time and* no squeaky steam knob. I believe my shots have improved; I think there may have been a drop in pressure when water was leaking previously during the pulling of the shot.
    Overall a big improvement for a small cost and about 1.5 hours work for a first timer.
    If your Silvia is leaking water from the steam wand and you feel confident with a spanner in your hand then give it a go, the results for me were well worth the effort. :)


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    Re: Rebuild of steam wand Silvia 2008

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to put this up - very helpful and informative. Will have to do this eventually myself :)

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    Thanks Heaps Cicarda

    Quite an easy job thanks to your effort putting that post together.

    I was amazed how tight some of the fittings were !!

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    Thanks Only comment I would make is that I was a bit of a noob and took a while to realize that you need to screw the spindle inwards (as though you're closing the steam valve) in order to remove it - normally the large stainless steel bit stops it from moving inwards, but it is free to go right out once the stainless steel bit is removed

    EDIT: Somewhat amusingly, I did this today on chonski's old machine!

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    Kudos for the tut cicada.
    have recently acquired a couple of older rancilios that may require some attention in time so this is a great resource.
    incidently what did the o-rings and the washer cost?

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