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Thread: Best machine and grinder, in Hobart, for under $1000 total?

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    Best machine and grinder, in Hobart, for under $1000 total?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Just wondering what my best options are.

    I dont know how to use manual machines properly, and Im not sure if anywhere around here will show me how... or if they even can.

    Ive only used (pretty awful) full auto machines, and otherwise, basically defaulted to plunger or percolator.

    Mostly, I just want to be able to make two really nice flat whites at a time, or at least in quick succession, for the two of us in this flat. Occasionally, it would be handy if three or four in a row could be fairly quick too. Rarely more than that.

    My benchmark for "really nice flat white" would be Villinos in Criterion St., Hobart. Ive had good coffees elsewhere in Australia (and farther afield), but theyre consistently great - well, I think so! :)

    I know its impossible to make coffee that good without the gear and skills being used there, but if it could be even remotely close, Id be very happy indeed.

    Forum here says "(...) [my] coffee will be great"...! ;) Will it?

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    Re: Best machine and grinder, in Hobart, for under $1000 total?

    Hello Mic_Hobart and welcome to CS,

    Jon Lane (aka Dr Jon) is our man on the ground in Hobart and would be delighted to help you.

    I would think he may recommend a Lelit/Breville package or a Lelit Combi.

    You are welcome to PM Jon or alternately, if youd like to email me with your details, Ill ask him to contact you to discuss your needs.



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    Re: Best machine and grinder, in Hobart, for under $1000 total?

    G’day Mic_Hobart,
    I wouldn’t be too worried about learning to use a manual machine – it’s a learning curve, but with persistence not that hard to produce good coffee – though getting to Villino’s standard might take you a while ;) I wouldn’t be surprised if one or more of Island, Villino, Oomph etc run training courses; probably worth asking around.
    As I recall Dane from Island Espresso has ordered in machines for some people, and Chris/Talk_Coffee has many happy customers so you won’t go wrong buying through him. I dont think theres a retailer in Hobart that carries stock of different machines though, so having a play before you buy might be tricky.
    Your other option is the Sunbeam EM6910 – within your budget and meets the requirement of turning out multiple coffees quickly. I’d recommend a better grinder than the Sunbeam though...

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