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Thread: Barista Italia - Internationale Auto Espresso

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    Barista Italia - Internationale Auto Espresso

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    Who makes this machine?
    Can i get a little bit more information on this machine??
    Is it suitable for home use??

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    Re: Barista Italia - Internationale Auto Espresso

    with your Qs
    1. i would guess someone in china
    2. contact the seller, looks to be a super auto coffee maker
    3. depends on what "suitable" means, it will make something but that something may not be classed as "coffee"

    best you go and try it out, they are normally "cheap" for a reason..... dont waste money and have a bitter aftertaste in you mouth....

    all depends on what your looking for really

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    Re: Barista Italia - Internationale Auto Espresso

    I googled and found it on the bay.* A couple of interesting quotes from the ad:

    "if the boilers are not stainless your throwing your money away!"

    Geez I guess Id better throw out my $2.5K machine because the boiler is only made of copper. They may also want someone with a better command of English to spell check their ad.

    "Retails for $2,199"
    Where??? Nicky why not contact the sellers and ask them which store you can go to and see it in the flesh?

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    Re: Barista Italia - Internationale Auto Espresso

    Looks familiar. Rebadged saeco or delonghi perhaps?

    Their feedback shows not a single sale. They normally sell used clothing and old cars by the look of it. No bricks and mortar site, no evidence of the business anywhere and the van (photochop?)...makes you wonder how much of the rest is waffle as well ::)

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