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Thread: Advice please.

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    Advice please.

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I have been reading and reading and a lot more reading and can not decide on which avenue to go. I have decided on the breville smart grinder however cant decide on a machine. I live in Maitland and dont really know anywhere nearby to try any machines. My partner and I want an espresso machine that is less than $800, can make two lattes reasonably quickly. The silvia seems to have a great reputation however I am undecided with the boiler size and risk of cooking it. Is this to be expected with virtually any machine under this price?

    Appreciate any help at all as I am new to the world of espresso.


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    Re: Advice please.

    Hi Aaron

    Have a look at the Lelit, they might fit the bill, they seem to do better than the Silvias.

    ETA: In line with CJs comments I should add that I havent used either and Im just going on the research Ive done looking at machines* :)* I would drive to Sydney find someone that has both machines and ask to try both and then see which one you like better.* Jetblack have both and they are the closest to drive to from here :)

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    Re: Advice please.

    Hi Aaron.* I think the Breville grind is a good choice.

    With regards to machines I believe there are only 3 you should consider:

    Lelit PL041
    Rancilio Silvia
    GEE (just over budget)

    The Lelit & Silvia are pretty similar machines with respect to design and use and I have owned both.* Personally Id go for the Silvia.* Small price difference, better build, commercial group and better resale.

    The GEE is a completely different beast. More plastic compared to the Silvia but larger boiler and separate thermoblock for steam.* Also has PID temperature control and adjustable preinfusion.* It really doesnt have a peer.

    So for me its either the Silvia or the GEE.* The GEE is a more advanced machine but still relatively new so there are uncertanties regarding longevity.* I have looked inside the guts of one and it certainly looks well put together. The Silvia has a good quality stainless steel exterior whilst the GEE has a more applicance-type appearance with a combination of plastic and coated metal.

    As with all single boiler/dual purpose machines the Silvia is a bit painful & slow when making more than 2 milk coffees at a time.* I have not used the GEE but presume with its separate steam thermoblock it should be much better for entertaining.

    As long as you use the Silvia correctly & refill the boiler each time after steaming milk you should not run a risk of cooking the element.

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    Re: Advice please.

    Quote Originally Posted by 7C7D77647A7F65160 link=1303388179/2#2 date=1303394745
    As long as you use the Silvia correctly & refill the boiler each time after steaming milk you should not run a risk of cooking the element.
    I went from a thermoblock Breville to the Silvia and they are worlds apart.
    Just a different process but once you get a routine you can do two milk based coffees pretty quick.
    The refilling of the boiler is just a part of the process and you can not harm it if you do it right.
    I was a little paranoid about cooking mine before I got it but it is not that challenging to keep it full.

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    Re: Advice please.

    Hmm, all things to consider.

    Thanks for the advice, I think I will have to get in contact with the likes of jet black espresso and travel down that way in the coming weeks.

    Cheers again for the help guys,

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