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Thread: Best Auto Coffee Machine

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    Best Auto Coffee Machine

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I was going to buy a Nespresso system before finding this site.* What do you recommend for $500-700 for a machine which has an inbuilt grinder and heats/froths the milk as well?* To give you an idea of my current level of coffee sophistication, I find Gloria Jeans an acceptable cup of coffee.* Many thanks. I welcome any comments/advice.

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    Re: Best Auto Coffee Machine

    GDay Tim - and welcome to CS!

    I would first up strongly suggest you go to a proper purveyor of coffee and taste what real, fresh coffee is like... At the bottom of the forum page is a "Best place for coffee in xxx". So if you select your state, you might find something close by.

    The problem youll have is that if you choose unwisely, youll get something that is better than GJs (assuming you get fresh beans too) and youll then get accustomed to decent coffee and look to upgrade your kit :o Its called "upgrade-itis". Better to sleuth down something thatll take you a little further down the CS path!

    If you fill in the details of roughly where you live in your profile, some helpful person who lives near you will no doubt chime in with a local snob-worthy café.


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