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Thread: Automatic machine or Manual with separate grinder.

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    Automatic machine or Manual with separate grinder.

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I am looking at buying a coffee machine but confused whether to go Automatic or Manual machine with separate grinder.

    I drink a Piccolo two coffees a day.
    - The automatic machine is a Delonghi with Milk frother.
    A Gee Machine with a Breville smart grinder or
    Sunbeam 6910 / Breville machine with Smart Grinder.

    Any help would be appreciated with comments or alternative on the machine and grinder

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    Re: Automatic machine or Manual with separate grinder.

    Definitely go the manual. The Smart Grinder sounds like a good choice based on reports. The only negative is that it doesnt always grind fine enough out of the box and may require a shim kit from Breville. If you buy from Cuppacoffee or Talk Coffee they provide the shim kit with the grinder.

    As for the GEE vs the Sunbeam, that is a little harder to answer. The GEE is more expensive but with more impressive features such as PID and adjustable pre-infusion.

    The GEE is stilll quite new and there have not been too many user reports on it. Ive had a good look at it, inside and out and it seems very well put together. Would better suit someone who wants to make coffee their hobby because of the tweakability.

    The Sunbeam is a solid machine but there have been many well documented reliability issues. That may not be a fair comment, Im sure Sunbeam have sold a bucket load of them and you mostly here about those who have had problems.

    If it were me Id for the GEE + Smart Grinder.

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    Re: Automatic machine or Manual with separate grinder.

    Everyone here will tell you to go the manual and for good reason (the coffee tastes better), but Ill tell you to keep it real. Evaluate your needs and go from there. Educate yourself and try not to get lost in all the mumbo jumbo about coffee (PID, pre-infusion etc.)

    For example, some people just want to make a cup of coffee with the least amount of fuss and have this at the top of their list - this would suit the automatic machine route.

    Good luck.

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