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Thread: My Silvia went POP!! :-[ :(

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    My Silvia went POP!! :-[ :(

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    Hi All,

    My Silvia (with pid kit) made a horrific pop, followed by that awful burning electronics smell this morning while I was warming up the steam cycle. (it was at 146 Deg C when it happened)

    Ive taken the top off to see any obvious damage, and I can see black soot marks on the top of the boiler around the thermostat connectors. Im not sure if this is normal or not.

    Ive had the pid kit in for about 12 months, and its worked flawlessly until now.

    I look after it like its my child, and clean it religiously (to the point of ridicule from friends).

    Has this happened to anyone before? Im freaking out.

    Can anyone recommend a sponsor to help me out?

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    Re: My Silvia went POP!! :-[ :(

    Not sure this thread should be in the for sale section,.

    Soot around any electrical component is generally a Bad Thing.

    I wouldnt expect the thermostat to be connected anymore with a pid installed. Possibly a blown boiler element?
    Try jetblack or DiBartoli.

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    Re: My Silvia went POP!! :-[ :(

    Sounds ugly, but lets take it one step at a time. Take a photo of the top of the boiler so that it will be easier to get the wires back into the correct places, just in case.. (there is also a color coded wiring diagram on my website).

    You will need needle nose pliers and an ohm meter. Pull the wires off the heating element spade terminals and check the resistance through them. Its low, like under 20 ohms, but I dont remember what it should be. Also check between each terminal and the boilers body. Should be infinite resistance (no continuity at all).

    Next test the thermostats in the same way (probably just the steam and the safety thermostat. The brew thermostat most likely has no wires connected to it because you have a PID). Pull the wires and check each thermostat for resistance. Should be near 0 ohms (no resistance, full continuity) through each when the machine is cold.

    Those are the most likely components to have failed. When you have the wires off each connection, check for corrosion or melted areas of the metal connections

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    Re: My Silvia went POP!! :-[ :(

    ah my bad, sorry for putting this in the FS section. (see what happens when I dont have any coffee in the morning???)

    Mods, can you move it somewhere it belongs?

    Now that it has cooled down I bit, I can see a small hole in the top of the boiler on one of the power connectors for the element. :-[

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    Re: My Silvia went POP!! :-[ :(

    Hi decnet,

    Our tech is in Monday to Friday (you can drop off and pick up on Saturdays) and we have PID components and boilers in stock. Good luck,


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