Hi all, have a 4 year old saeco magic, wondering if any one can give me some tips on fine tuning it. A medium cup gets spat out in 7- 10 seconds which is too fast i think .

Still tastes okay.

Do i measure the water amount first, then see if i can get a finer grind? Check the pucks after they are used, and it is a mixed result, some hold their shape, others look sloppy.

Issues is even thought the grinder is cleaned out, i sometimes get beans empty even thou hopper is full.

Trying to fix / fine tune it as buying a new machine is out of budget at the moment.

Looking for the manual as want to check, the slider near the hopper is for grind ( coarse / fine ) and the other slide near side door is amount in hopper i think.
Just wanting to check.

Previous history on machine, is 2 to 3 cups a day, and only thing wrong was the o ring on the steamer, perished.