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Thread: Lelit [ch8800] Nemox/Imat/Mokita

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    Lelit [ch8800] Nemox/Imat/Mokita

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    Gday all,

    Just a note for consideration.

    We often read here that parts for these machine can be interchanged. In general this is true, but a repair I did a few months ago on a shagged Imat has highlighted a few differences.

    Steam valve anatomy is different as are the grinder platten and a number of other components.

    The Importers of Nemox have been notorious for no response or support on parts and many buy an older machine thinking Lelit parts can be swapped in.

    We found that the steam valve needle for example cannot be swapped. Grinder burr carrier threads are different and to use Lelit components the platten and top burr need to be changed. These are just a couple of examples. A damaged grind adjustment and leaky wand should have been a cheap and routine repair. With all the replacement parts required to make things work, the bill was quite a bit higher than anticipated.

    Caveat emptor guys ;)


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    Re: Lelit [ch8800] Nemox/Imat/Mokita


    Theyre all brand names from different eras of importation including another earlier one called Quaha. They are in essence similar performing machines but I guess itd be like trying to use current Commodore parts to repair an earlier model - Just aint gonna happen in every case ;)


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