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Thread: size of quaha portafilter handle

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    size of quaha portafilter handle

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    Hi all,
    Does anyone know the diameter of the connector needed to attach a handle to a quaha portafilter? Im thinking of getting a new portafilter and an aftermarket handle but Im not sure of the sizing. Ive been trying to take apart the one I currently have to check, but I havent been able to separate the handle from the portafilter.

    I read online that you need a vice to take the handle off a portafilter, and at the time I thought that seemed a little overkill. Three days later Im starting to think a blowtorch might be the way to go...

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: size of quaha portafilter handle

    WD40 in the joint between the plastic and the metal and leave sit overnight. Should then screw off without too much force.

    If its the same as a Lelit, itll be 3/8".

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