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Thread: BES860... should I wait for 900?

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    BES860... should I wait for 900?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    We are in the market for a new machine... we had a fully automatic variety and are now expanding our horizons and wanting to purchase an espresso machine + grinder.

    We were sold on Rancilio Silvia but hubby doesnt like the single boiler, thinks Ill be muddled by all thats required...

    Have had a look at the soon to launch Breville 900 and am in love but seriously who can go that long without a good coffee, so am back to square one... Should I go the 860 or alternative altogether? Hubby had a look at double boilers but were out of our price range which is maximum $1000.

    Anyone who has 860, recs?

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    Re: BES860... should I wait for 900?

    From all reports the new Breville will be far superior in every way to the 860. There are also those who have played with it that say itís better than many more expensive offerings. However if your budget is $1000 itís not going to be an option for you. The 900 + Smar Grinder = ~$1650. Even if they throw the grinder in free youíre looking @ $1500.

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    Re: BES860... should I wait for 900?

    Welcome to coffee snobs.

    I would steer you away from super autos and pods if you want the control needed to get really good coffee. Because I am used to fresh coffee, the twice I tried Nespresso, it tasted stale.* As to autos, you would know more about them than me.

    I have been using an 860 for about three years and like it. The only trouble I had was the grinder became too coarse and I had to lift the lid and adjust the cogs to get near perfect coffee.

    I have written about the modification here on a couple strings. Use the Quick Search at the top right of the page for anything about coffee.

    I donít store beans in the grinder hopper. I keep them sealed in zip top bags and put them in as needed.

    It is a single thermoblock machine with a PID for temp control. It wonít pump water if under or over temp. It purges a lot to maintain temp so the drip tray has to be emptied regularly. No great problem unless you have a flood.

    It is a semi auto as many features can be pre set but easily overridden for hands on brewing.

    I too have been interested in the new Breville 900 now called the Dual Boiler. Because of my involvement about it on this website, I got an invite to Tuesdayís launch.

    The 900 is an awesome machine on many counts. I plan to visit Dennis at Cuppacoffee tomorrow to have another play with the machine.

    The ticket price for the 860 in the stores is about $700. With some arm twisting you should get it much cheaper. I advise you to try several stores.

    Just ask if you want more information.


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    Re: BES860... should I wait for 900?

    The Dual Boiler would be worth the wait. It will be way way better then the 860 but twice the price.

    There is a K3T for $400 in the for sale section. You could get that and a Silvia/Lelit for a little over a grand and the K3T will be good for whatever machine you get in the future, and in the meantime way better than the 860 combi, although a more expensive option.

    Good resale on a Silvia if you upgrade to Dual boiler breville.

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