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Thread: Moving to HK - better to buy here or there?

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    Moving to HK - better to buy here or there?

    Gene Cafe Coffee Roaster $850 - Free Beans Free Freight
    I am moving permanently to Hong Kong in six months and from my initial research it appears to be coffee wasteland with a precious few exceptions.* Hence I need to get myself an espresso machine.

    I am very excited about the new Breville Dual Boiler and $1500 is about right in terms of what I want to spend.* But alas it appears it wont be sold in HK and, if I buy one here before I go, Ill be 4,000 miles from Breville customer support.* I will be coming back from time to time but itll be a hassle to bring the machine back with me.*

    HK suppliers have a limited range.* The only choices even roughly around this price seem to be the Expobar Office Leva 1 or 2, the Isomac Zaffiro or the Isomac Tea Cool Touch.* The Rancilio Silvia is available too, although thats quite a bit cheaper.* Of all these only the Leva 2 and the Tea Cool Touch are dual boilers and they are both close to A$2000.

    So am I better off buying the Breville before I leave and hoping it doesnt break down?* How reliable are Breville machines?* I have a long history importing consumer goods into Oz and not worrying about service but nothing worth this much.

    If not, what would be closest to the Brevilles features and performance (hard to gauge at this point, I know) amongst the machines above?

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    Re: Moving to HK - better to buy here or there?

    I have the Expobar Leva and it hasnt missed a beat in 4 years.

    Why were you thinking you might want two boilers?

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    Re: Moving to HK - better to buy here or there?

    Unless you are a tech head and can strip the machine down and do your own repairs, it may be better to buy something that the HK mechanics know inside and out.

    Get something with a history of reliability.

    I am still thinking of buying a Dual Boiler but I live in Breville’s home town and can knock on their door if anything goes wrong.

    It will have a two year warranty in Aus, but what about in HK? You will have to ask Brev.


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    Re: Moving to HK - better to buy here or there?

    If you did insist on buying here I certainly wouldn’t be selecting a brand new machine with no history of reliability. With all due respect to Breville, it will be another year before we know just how well it’s built.

    In your situation I would say the less complex the machine, the better. Go with a brand that will be supported in HK in terms of spare parts and something with a reputation for being robust e.g. just about any Italian made HX.

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    Re: Moving to HK - better to buy here or there?

    Thanks all, good advice. Ill just have to forget about Breville and do some research on Expobar instead. I have done some price comparisons and they actually appear to be quite a bit cheaper in HK so that cheers me up. Also it turns out the "Leva 2" = a Minore III here.

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